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Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving Decorations

The front door.
I cut and painted the pilgrims about 2 years ago. 
The door got a re-decorated wreath this year.

I decided to decorate the tree for thanksgiving.
We eat dinner in this room, so thought it would be nice.

This is my little thanksgiving display.
I have been collecting these houses since 1985.

Found this lantern at Ikea. Just added a couple of things to it.

The dining room table. The Turkey is a real Pumpkin, the tail & head
are wood cut outs and a little cloth hankie make up this guy.
The tall vase was from our daughters wedding, every Holiday it gets a new look.

A carve-able Pumpkin arrangement.

This is from my son, when he was 6 years old. He is 28 now.
 I put it up every year and send him a picture.
 He hates it!
Thats' why I do it.


  1. Holy cow! Your house is gorgeous...when are you inviting me over? Lol. Love your decorations and your son's Thanksgiving craft. I think it's adorable...glad you not only put it up, but blogged it too. He'll really love that! ;)

  2. Beautiful, just beautiful!! Annette your decorations are fabulous! You have a beautiful home and it is decorated so festive!