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Monday, November 19, 2012

Cricut Box Makeover

At Christmas time I make inexpensive items for the school  to sell
at there Santa's Workshop. Years ago I ran this program and loved it.
Even though we moved away I still participate.
I also really like making stuff for the little ones to buy for their families.

 I don't store my Cricut cartridges in the boxes that they came in.
But I did save them. This what alot of them have become.

They don't cost a thing and they are pretty sturdy boxes.
(sure hate the new plastic ones)

So the School got a bunch of these this year!


  1. Wow Annette this look awsome! I love that you do this for the school's Santa Workshop! They are lucky to have you my friend!! I don't like the plastic boxes either, I love the old ones.

  2. These are so pretty. Very giving of you to help the school. (I hate the plastic ones too)