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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Tutorial on minibook page

Start out with a 12 X 12 Piece of card stock.
Score on one side @ 6 1/2 " Turn & score @ 4 1/4 & 8 1/2

Cut on the 6 1/2 " line down to the 4 1/2" Score mark
on both sides(top & bottom). Cut out a 2" X 6 1/2" piece of paper on one side
(top left)
& 2" X 5 1/2" on the other side( bottom right) 
Fold left side flaps down to the middle, glue it down so
it makes a pocket.

Punch out and finger pull slot, I used a 1 1/2" hole punch
This left side will be the binding side of your  pages.

Fold the right side of your paper to the back.

Flip the page over it should look like this.

Fold the top page down.

Open that page you have the little 1 1/2" flap fold.

Fold this flap up and glue down the side edges
so it forms a pocket.

close the page and this is the back side of your page.

This is what the front of each page should look like.
Binding will be on the left side of each page
I bound my pages with the cinch.
I had seen this on you Tube made with an 8 1/2" X 11"
piece of card stock. But I wanted my pages larger so
I adapted the measurements to fit a 12 X 12 piece of paper.

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  1. What a fabulous tutorial Annette! I will be giving this a try, thanks so much for doing this tutorial, your the best!! Hugs!!